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tvxqsweden's Journal

TVXQSweden Aurora - the Northern Lights
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Swedish TVXQ Fanclub

TVXQSweden Aurora - the Northern Lights

The unofficial Swedish TVXQ Fanclunb

The One and Only - to all fellow fans all over the world!

  | Website | tvxqsweden@gmail.com | Our partner forum|

Our vision is to gather all Swedish fans and organize fanmeetings and other activities involving TVXQ. There will be projects, competitions, events, you-name-it!

The founders, hitomito, julili, chi_chun and tosgos (ex. mod), first established this fanclub on a November evening out of cheer love for TVXQ. We wanted to share our happiness and support together with other people in our country; to show them there are also fans in a distant cold country named SWEDEN.

We are always looking for staff with great potential and dedication to join and work with us to be an even better fanclub.

Last but not least! TVXQSweden thank everyone who has shown support since the debut. Without you, the fanclub wouldn't look like it does now. We will do our best to keep on going. Never give up. Always Keep the Faith!

Help support the fanclub - Even a tiny amount from each and everyone will be of much help.
Thank you very much <3

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